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Project TimeLine

The project planning and re-scheduling solution you've been waiting for.

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What We Aim At

We want Project TimeLine to be an innovative planning tool. We develop it with the belief that its simplicity helps planning, and planning is the key to a more successful work model. With Project TimeLine, we focus on prediction and tracking results, rather than on gaining full control and micro management. With Project TimeLine, we want to help managers master the use of Agile methodologies and Jira practices.

With this set of goals in mind. we continue bettering this app, making it more and more useful.

An Easy Start

Project TimeLine is an easy tool to start with, as it doesn't require any particularly heavy configurations. It is fully based on Jira best practices and Agile methodologies - therefore sticking closely to them, you will get the best results out of our app.

For the Mature Teams

Project TimeLine is also extremely useful for mature work-teams that are well-experienced in working with Jira. It requires only a few Sprints to forecast a Release or an Epic completion dates in accordance with velocity and scope.

Planning, Tracking, Forecasting

The app presents progress in an intuitive and understandable visual fashion, so you can quickly get used to it. Based on the very effective Critical Chain Project Management methodology, it introduces a solution to planning using project buffers.

Key Functionalities

Planning, early warnings and predictions

Further Details

Over time, we continue developing Project TimeLine, adapting it to the user and business requirements. We plan to further improve app functionalities with a focus on warnings, milestones, filters, configurations, tracking and advice for managers and team leaders.

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