Meet the people behind the scene

Hello or as Atlassians say, G'day! 

We are the people who work our magic on the app products we offer, power all our Atlassian solutions and challenge the status quo of planning, building, integration, deployment, operations and feedback.

Our Family

The story of our Atlassians has started in a different team in Nemetschek Bulgaria. Our current team members were all very experienced developers who used the Atlassian products, in other words - we started as users. We collaborated well, complementing each other and enjoying what we did every day. Together, we learned all bits and bobs of the Atlassian products by trying and failing, trying and succeeding.

Atlassian had become an essential part of our work life and we learned how to cope with critical issues, discovered out-of the box solutions and developed custom add-ons to help us get the results we needed. We integrated not only the Atlassian products into our systems but we also inherited part of the Atlassian spirit. In the end, we realized that we are inspired by the same things that inspired all Atlassians and that we were all very much alike.

It dawned on us: "We can also help other companies unleash their potential!" And this is how our Atlassian team was born.

Now we're a successful family of happy developers and solution experts who have a mission: to help teams unlock the power of a more effective and productive work life!

Interested what we can do for you?

As we are growing, we need more and more people on board who share our work views and have a can-do attitude in every situation.