Advanced Portal Reports
for Service Desk

Advanced Portal Reports for Service Desk

Dramatically increase transparency for your customers with Nemetschek Bulgaria's new app, helping you to get the most out of Atlassian's Jira Service Desk.

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What Do Customers Get with
Jira Service Desk

Atlassian's Jira Service Desk is a product allowing customers to report problems to IT staff on an ongoing basis. The staff, accordingly, proceeds with solving these problems or escalating them to the next IT support line. Thus, Jira Service desk's main goal is to optimize and regulate the user-service contact.

Customers get access to a very simple and intuitive customer portal, but even more important - to real-time reporting that gives them an overview of the support team work and SLAs. They get to see the number of requests assigned to Service Desk agents, the number of requests created and resolved over time, and the length of time taken to resolve requests of type or priority.

What More Do You Get with
Advanced Portal Reports

Real-time reporting provided by Jira Service Desk is helpful but all-in-all, limited. And since Service Desk is each companys prime connection with its customers it is recommended that this connection is further strengthened and developed. This is where Advanced Portal Reports for Service Desk comes in. The new app fulfills the ever so important task of dramatically increasing transparency for customers by

Key Functionalities

Easy Access

When implemented, Advanced Portal Reports for Service Desk becomes available directly in the Service Desk Customer Portal, improving the customer-agent communication.


Agents can also allow or prohibit customers to view requests created by other customers.

Additional Information

Agents can customize the use of the app to provide the customers with additional information. This happens by:

Customized Search Results

Customers can choose exactly what to see in their Advanced Reports by selecting one or all fields, as allowed by the Service Desk agents or managers. This makes their request searches more advanced than ever before, with results presented in a filtered and easily understandable fashion.

Customized Request Search

On their behalf, customers can customize their request search by selecting Reference, Status, Reporter, Resolved, Due Date, Description and Approvers in the Advanced Report.

SLA Data

In the Portal Request View Page customers can view the SLA details allowed by the Service Desk agents. Details like Time to Resolution and Time To First Response are visualized as a separate section displaying the hours and minutes required.

Further Details


Advanced Portal Reports for Service Desk is available for Jira Cloud and Jira Server.
Nemetschek Bulgaria provides continuous support for this app.

User Comments

At last an app that customizes the customer portal for Jira Cloud. Clients are very satisfied with it.

Ilaria Faedo on Atlassian Marketplace

Really useful add-on, maybe the best one for Service Desk extracts we have tried so far. Strongly recommend it - very easy to configure and use. Extracts also custom fields. Last but not least, the support from the vendor is really great.

Valentina Dinova

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