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Atlassian announce major changes to server and Data Center licenses

Aussie tech giants Atlassian recently announced important changes to their server and Data Center license policy and this should come as little surprise for those who follow the company's development closely.

It was back in 2019 when Anu Bharadwaj, Head of Product for Atlassian Cloud, stated in a Business Insider interview - “We strongly believe cloud is our future”. “We believe cloud unleashes a fundamentally better way of working, especially in the teamwork area,” Bharadwaj added. And that is not an isolated opinion - it is indeed the future of software delivery as suggested by various experts.

Currently repositioning themselves as a cloud-first company, on February 2nd 2021 Atlassian are increasing the price of server and Data Center licenses and discontinuing support for server products as of 2024. Additionally, on February 2nd 2021 Data Center users will get access to a new functionality plus Priority support. A Bamboo Data Center will be announced some time in the near future.

All in all, Atlassian are recommending users to "find their path to cloud". And that is a indeed a wise step, considering current tendencies.

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