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The New and Improved Project TimeLine for Jira is here!

Project TimeLine's major 2020 update elevates our innovative planning tool to the next level. Get ready for crucially improved app design and user experience plus a new way of planning epics in Jira.

We started working on the new Project Time Line by taking into account the continuous feedback from various app users and addressing some major issues. Those included but were not limited to - how to plan epics as easy as you plan releases; how to turn complex planning into an intuitive task; and how to align the app design with the constantly evolving needs of project planning.

Today we're happy to assert that the final result is a better, easier to use but complex and powerful tool to assist all kinds of teams.

Previous Project TimeLine versions allowed users to conveniently plan releases. But the app's latest update has a major new feature — the planning of epics. With our app you can now schedule your epics on the TimeLine and monitor several KPIs. To keep up with all that's happening, you also get automatic predictions of completion date plus early warnings of a possible delays.

The new Project TimeLine is easier to work with and more intuitive than ever, giving you the much needed feeling of full control. The improved UX guarantees that you get a better visibility on the percentage of completion of all your timelines. You can now easily compare key indicators (time elapsed, work remaining, effort input), and use colors to group or regroup elements and to navigate your way around.

Managing issues and managing time are crucial. Know when an issue is stuck or lagging behind with Project TimeLine's improved schedule overview. Our app's new key features help you choose how to handle unestimated issues when calculating Work Done progress. Automatic warnings allow you to see the number of unestimated issues together with the progress, and know that due to the unestimated issues, predicted end date may not be accurate.

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