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Supercharge Your Business: Integrate Trello, Jira and Confluence

By now, everyone has heard of at least one Atlassian tool - be it the almighty Jira, or the handy Trello. Your company might even currently use one of these tools. Is there a need to use more of them? And what are the benefits of integrating them?

Let us show you how to power your business up by integrating Atlassian's superb software solutions Trello, Jira and Confluence! Together, they can do wonders for you!

What about remote working, you ask? We're happy to attest that Jira, Confluence and Trello would allow your team to work and collaborate - anytime, anywhere. Fully compliant!

Why Them?

Because these are some of Atlassian's most popular products, suited for various companies. Meaning you would find them useful whether you run a 10-person brand or a complex structure the size of NASA.

Jira is among the best task-tracking and project management tools around, Confluence is a superb wiki and team collaboration solution, while Trello is a one-of-a-kind project management tool, a flexible and incredibly easy to use digital cork-board.

How to Use Trello and Confluence Together?

By using Trello and Confluence together you would be able to present a complex plan or project in an easily understandable and graphic fashion. Use Confluence to create and plan your vision, then use Trello to work out and action the details. You could, for example embed the Trello cards and boards into Confluence, or add Confluence pages to Trello cards. These implementations will let you build your vision and break that up into small bite-sized tasks and organize it, all in at the same time.

How to Use Jira and Confluence Together?

By managing smaller task and larger Epics in Jira, and linking them to Confluence pages, your team would be able to collaborate like never before. Write, contribute, edit, comment and navigate various articles and content in real time. Never miss a new edit or version.

Or link Confluence to your Jira Service Desk to turn it into a Self-Service Desk. Prepare various helpful articles for your users to go through and solve their most usual issues in one swift move, thus allowing your Service Desk agents to concentrate on their more pressing matters.

How to Use Trello and Jira Together?

By connecting two different task-tracking and project management tools together, you would get a superior overview and control over your team tasks and deadlines. 

You could link Jira issues to Trello cards, connecting different teams across your organization, automatically link the Jira issue back to a Trello card so everyone in your team knows how something came to be, automatically link the Trello card back to the Jira issue, or quickly jump to your Jira project by creating a link on your Trello board.

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