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Conflu... What? or How to Use Confluence and Work Better With It

Jira is Atlassian's best known software product and that's not changing any time soon. That being said, Confluence is another great Atlassian software solution for teams that can easily be integrated with Jira, can help you build internal company knowledge sites and can be customized with various apps.

These were among the most important arguments presented by our team of experts at a special event held at Sofia's Essence Center on the afternoon of November 28th.

Program for the evening included two presentations focusing on the basics of Confluence; how to take team collaboration to the next level with the help of the software solution; the ways Confluence differs from collaboration via email, Excel, Word and online shared files; how it can be integrated with Jira and why that's "a match made in heaven".

Audience member included project managers, IT specialists and company directors with a very different level of knowledge and understanding of both Confluence and Jira - but the presentations seemed to have something for everyone. Our experienced Atlassians George Stoyanov and Boyan Angelov had based their arguments on the very real experience of Nemetschek Bulgaria's marketing team that collaborates daily using Confluence. Only a few years back most of the company's marketing specialists were complete strangers to Confluence but now the software solution has become an integral part of their team work. This very event, George stressed, was put together by a team working in Confluence exclusively - collaborating on landing page content, images, invitation, Facebook posts, list of people invited, etc, etc.

The presentations (check them out here and here) were followed by drinks, snacks and most importantly - by an informal Q&A/demo stations segment. Specific questions were being answered, and attendees got to see prime examples of Confluence's benefits.

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