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Talking about Atlassian is a talk about teams

We all know that what we can achieve in a team is much better, more efficient and definitely more fun to do. But our partners from Atlassian had turned it into a philosophy that drives their business.

All the tools they create are aimed to better communication and better collaboration with teams for higher results. And this is also what we heard from the Atlassain evangelist Sven Peters, who was our keynote speakers at the “Atlassian Summer Talk” this Tuesday.

From our Atlassian Unit lead – Annie Ioceva we learned what are the biggest challenges when we start large scale projects and what is the solution that Atlassian can offer. It is called JIRA Portfolio – the best way to manage multiple JIRA projects. What you get is a single view for planning and managing your projects, aligning to goals and ability to generate realistic delivery forecasts.

It was also useful to get a review of news on JIRA Service Desk from our Senior Atlassian Expert – Boyan Angelov. His presentation went from a little bit of history on JSD, to some new features available.

If you haven’t had the chance to be at the event, you can download the presentations and get your insights.

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